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Дні народження

2 вересня
Горошко Н.А.
Гринчук А.Ф.
Кучеряну Т.М.
Кушнір Л.Д.
Стець Я.В.

3 вересня
Безруков Л.О.
Ленко Г.І.
Микитюк О.П.
Микитюк О.Ю.

4 вересня
Митченок О.В.

5 вересня
Гопко Н.В.
Мойсюк В.Д.

6 вересня
Візнюк В.В.
Давидова Т.Ф.
Каізер І.Ю.
Скиданюк Г.Ф.
Шутак Т.В.

7 вересня
Мельник Л.І.
Нагуляк Н.І.

8 вересня
Кодіца М.Г.
Томашевська А.Ю.
Бебих В.В.

9 вересня
Власова К.В.
Кульчинський В.В.

10 вересня
Буряк С.О.
Гудзь Н.А.
Житар О.Ф.
Пантя Л.М.

11 вересня
Гараздюк І.В.
Кіселиця Г.Г.
Кирилюк М.В.

12 вересня
Мандрик-Мельничук М.В.
Меус Ю.А.
Шинкура Л.М.

14 вересня
Боштан С.В.
Верховецька Л.Г.
Гресько М.М.
Залявська О.В.
Куфтяк В.В.
Мелінті Г.І.
Плегуца О.М.
Скрипник Л.П.
Тимчук К.Ю.
Яринич Ю.М.

15 вересня
Роговий Ю.Є.
Юленков М.В.

16 вересня
Бернік Н.В.
Галунка Г.Г.
Луптовіч К.К.
Хитик В.І.
Швигар Л.В.

17 вересня
Булик Т.С.
Козловська І.М.
Плешко Т.В.
Репчук Ю.В.

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Thursday, 26 December 2013 12:13

All-Ukrainian Students Olympiad

 BSMU students present their native Alma mater deservingly in a proper manner at all-Ukrainian Olympiad and always bring a lot of rewards into the money-box of our educational establishment. BSMU took the 2nd place in rating of higher medical educational establishment as to the amount of winners in the 2nd stage of all-Ukrainian student Olympiad in 2011/2012. High degree of organization in carrying out of the first Olympiad stage (university) in 46 educational disciplines that are taught in the university, active work of the tutors as to the choice of pretenders for taking part in Olympiad, their profound intensive training of the students assisted in such result.

831 student including 38 students of foreign countries took part in the 1st stage of educational competition.

 This academic year Olympiad organization and carrying out in the university somewhat differed from the previous years : not only carrying out of the departmental Olympiad tour, but also of certain disciplines – additional interdepartmental tour involving employees of the departments mentioned below have been initiated (founded) in particular :

 1. in pharmacy (department of pharmacy, medical and pharmaceutical chemistry); obstetrics and gynecology (department of obstetrics , gynecology with the course of children and juvenile gynecology); surgery (department of surgery, surgery and urology, general surgery); stomatology ( department of therapeutical and orthopedic stomatology , surgical and children stomatology); pediatrics (department of pediatrics and medical genetics, propedeutics of children diseases, pediatrics and children infectious diseases);

The 1st stage Olympiad winners (40 students) participated in the 2nd stage All-Ukrainian students Olympiad in basic higher educational institutions in 22 educational disciplines and specialties.

Prize-winning places in 8 educational disciplines (in comparison with 2010-2011 ac. year – 2 diplomas of winners) became the result of participation of BSMU students.

  • Histology, cytology and embryology – Savka Ivan Volodymyrovych – the student of group №12, II course ( II prize – winning place) ;
  • Medical genetics – Maksymchuk Natalia Oleksiivna – the student of group 16, V course ( II prize-winning place);
  • Stomatology – Khukhlina Oleksandra Igorivna – the student of group №5, V course (III prize-winning place) ;
  • Pediatrics (by English language) – Zagra Makhamud –the student of group №44, VI course (II prize-winning place) ;
  • Social medicine and organization of public health service – Stepanchenko Markiyan Svyatoslavovych – the student of group №2, VI course ( II prize-winning place) ;
  • Clinical immunology – Maksymchuk Nataliya Oleksiivna – the student of group №16, V course ( III prize-winning place) ;
  • Obstetrics and gynecology – Moskaliuk Liudmyla Vasylivna) - the student of group №4, V course ( III prize-winning place) ;
  • Ukrainian language by professional direction (orientation) – Skavronska Olena Romanivna) - the student of group №12, I course ( III prize-winning place) ;

Besides participation in All-Ukrainian students Olympiad our students took part in the III International student Olympiad in pediatrics of Pediatrician Federation of the CYS countries. Zayats Khrystyna Myronivna got the III stage diploma.