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Дячук В.В.
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Бачук-Понич Н.В.
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Ринжук Л.В.

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Гараздюк О.І.
Кравчук П.П.
Сторожук М.В.

25 січня
Зав'янський Л.Ю.
Рудан І.В.
Шорікова Д.В.

A supplement to the diploma of the european standard (Diploma Supplement)

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:57

On implementation of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers  of Ukraine  of  March 2,  2010  №  265 " On Amendments  to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine  of November 12,  1997 № 1260" the Bukovinian State Medical University  issues a Supplement to the diploma  of   the European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) to the graduates  who will express the desire o to get it. Making of Addition is carried out for the money of recipient.

Drawing up and delivery of the  DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT of  higher education of the European standard  is  implemented in the order,  approved by the Order  of the Ministry of Education and Science of  Ukraine of 29.04.2010 № 365 "On approval  of the procedure of ordering, delivery and  registration  of the Supplement to the diploma of higher education of the European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) and its  description".

A Supplement to the diploma of higher education of the European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) is a document that is given out to graduates of higher educational establishments of all forms of ownership and submission  in  order to provide the information  necessary for an objective estimation of the  qualification (degree) of  higher education obtained by a person that got a diploma of higher education. The Supplement contains a  description of the character, level, context,  content and status of  tuition, that was  fulfilled and successfully accomplished by the person marked in the original of  the qualifying  document, to which the Supplement is added , and also personal data about this person, entered  to the centralized bank of data of the Ministry  of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine .

The Supplement is filled in accordance with the pattern, worked out by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO / CEPES that is necessary   for international intelligibility and   recognition of   the diploma (higher education qualification) with the aim of an access to the further  studies  and / or professional activities:

  • the availability of the  Supplement allows you to simplify the procedure of entrance to an  educational establishment  abroad;
  • provides information about  individual training and received competency;                  
  • graduates have more job opportunities on the European labour market.

A Supplement to the diploma of higher education of the European standard (DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT) is the form of a document  of higher education, that is made  by means of a printed method on  protective sheets of paper of a  standard size   А4 (210×297 mm). To protect the form graphical elements of protection are used:  protective grids, printing microtypes of different structures, and  protective paints. The numeration is done by a protective paint applied by the method of  high printing. The Supplement   begins with a preamble (a short explanatory note) that is an obligatory part of the document, placed in the box in the top margin of the first sheet to provide general information as to  its purpose and content. The Supplement contains 8 parts. The information for  part 8  is provided by the Ministry  of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine.  Other parts are filled in according to the general and individual information about a graduating student, that is given by the dean's office.

In order to receive the Supplement to the diploma of the European standard the graduates  who studied according to the Credit-Module system of the  organization of the  teaching  process it is necessary:

  • to  put in an application to the  a dean's office for drawing up the corresponding document;
  • to  fill  in a questionnaire in the Ukrainian and English languages (to specify correctly the surname  in accordance with the  international passport);
  • to implement the payment of the cost of the document.

The  sum total of payment for the European  Diploma Supplement  as of  June, 01, 2012 makes up  103 hryvnas  20 cop. The sum of payment may change in accordance with the requirements of ІВС "Education" of the Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. For more information   apply to a corresponding  dean’s office.