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Дні народження

6 листопада
Василик М.Г.

7 листопада
Білоус В.І.
Овчаренко О.Г.
Слободян К.В.
Томка І.Є.

8 листопада
Єрмійчук Л.П.
Більцан О.В.
Мочернюк М.І.

9 листопада

Пасько Т.В.

10 листопада

Білецький С.В.
Рабська Т.М.

11 листопада

Козик О.В.
Одоржоховська О.І.

12 листопада

Лехкун Г.В.
Телеки М.М.

13 листопада

Григор'єва Н.П.
Косуба Р.Б.

14 листопада

Беженар М.М.
Гнатюк М.Г.
Гринько Н.В.
Леонтій Т.О.
Павлуник І.І.
Ференчук Є.О.

15 листопада

Гаєвська М.Ю.
Демкович В.В.
Маринчина І.М.
Шаповалов В.П.

16 листопада

Антофійчук М.П.
Хухліна О.С.
Чапара М.І.

17 листопада

Лаврова О.М.
Сидорчук Р.І.

18 листопада

Васюк В.Л.
Жуковська А.О.
Самойленко С.В.

19 листопада

Пашковський В.М.
Савка С.Д.
Урсарюк М.В.
Чернюх О.Г.

20 листопада

Білов М.Є.
Багажевська В.О.
Владиченко К.А.
Кондратенко С.І.
Никоряк Т.В.
Панченко Ю.В.

21 листопада

Данилишин Т.М.
Швець В.І.
Шинкура В.М.
Яковичук Н.Д.

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Practical training

Wednesday, 16 January 2013 10:57

The organization, educational and methodical supervision and fulfillment of the programmes of practical training are ensured by the Department of Practical Training.

Today the students of all Faculties and Departments go through 45 types of practical training annually.

Agreements as to the practical training of students are annually concluded with the Department of Health and Civil Protection of the population of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, the Department of Health of the Chernivtsi Municipal Council and the Department of Health of the Khmelnitsky Regional State Administration. Agreements are also signed with the heads of medico-prophylactic institutions – without practical training, which meet the requirements of the educational process. Generally, over 110 medical institutions are used as the bases of practical training, including the following ones: “Regional Clinical Hospital”; “Emergency Hospital”; “Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital”;” Municipal Children’s Clinical Hospital”, “Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital”; “Municipal Maternity Homes № 1, 2”, Municipal polyclinics, the Oncological, Cardiological and Endocrinological Health Centers, the Military Hospital (m/u A1028), Chernivtsi Nursing Home,   the    Botanical Garden of Chernivtsi National University named after Yu. Fedkovich, Chernivtsi state and commercial chemist’s shops, dentistry (stomatological) clinics of the town and region, etc.

Every year about 20 students of BSMU have their practical training abroad- in the University clinics of Vienna (Austria), Lubek (Germany), Monpellier (France).

To carry out practical training for the students from the second through the sixth years of study of the speciality "Medical Psychology" the medico - psychological centre of BSMU, the Chernivtsi Nursing Home, as well as the sports and health improving camp “Health”, in the village of Repuzhyntsi, where the so-called psychological intensive study is carried out. It has become a traditional event and enjoys a wide popularity not only among students - psychologists of the University but also among the students of other educational establishments of Ukraine.

Annually, the leading specialists in the field of psychology from Ukraine, Russia and Switzerland are willingly drawn into the group of "trainers", running the "psychological" intensive study.

 When conducting practical and educational training of future pharmacists the University uses the educational – practical Pharmacy of BSMU, pharmaceutical institutions of Chernivtsi and the Chernivtsi region, organize 1 to 2 day voyages to the pharmaceutical factories of the joint- stock company “Galychpharm” (Lviv) and the closed stock-company “Pharmac”(Kyiv) including the recreation summer camp "Health" v. Repuzhyntsi.