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Young scientists of BSMU are known far beyond Ukraine

Thursday, 14 November 2013 16:48

WORLD SCIENCE DAY. World Science Day for Peace and Development is annually celebrated worldwide on November 10.

Students’ Scientific Society and the Council of Young Scientists are very successful in Bukovinian State Medical University. Thus, the students together with their successful learning are in need and find time for research. It became possible due to the efficient organization of Students’ Scientific Societies and scientific groups working under the guidance of experienced teachers of the university departments. Generally, more than 1,200 students are engaged in 50 societies, including the Society of Foreign Languages.

The World Science Day is held to raise public awareness of the benefits of science worldwide. Its celebration was recommended in1999 inBudapestat the World Scientific Conference (now – the World Science Forum), where the need for close interaction between science and society was expressed. Following the conference in 1999, UNESCO officially founded the World Science Day, declaring it at the General Conference in 2001. For the first time on a global scale World Science Day was celebrated in 2002.

Young Scientists Society consists of medical university graduates aged under 35. The most important condition of participation in both scientific organizations is efficient research activity. Each of the above mentioned Societies elects its Council – the governing body that promotes the development of medical science and protects the interests of researchers.

First of all, the governing bodies of scientific societies organize and coordinate ongoing activities of groups of the University departments by encouraging, supporting and initiating independent original research conducted by students and young scientists, improving the level of theoretical and practical relevance of research. Finding and supporting talented researchers among students and young scientists of the University, providing them with the comprehensive assistance is essential in this work. Thus, the most talented students upon submission of Scientific Societies Councils receive various awards and scholarships. The most successful are recommended for participation in international academic exchange programs. The promising students and scientists are recommended for postgraduate course at the university, their alma mater.

tulenevaSupervisor of Students’ Scientific Society, Head of Young Scientists Council, Olena Tiulienieva

- Students ofBukovinianStateMedicalUniversityannually participate in nationwide competitions on scientific works and show a high level of training. In addition, our students and young scientists constantly demonstrate the outcomes of their research at local, national and international scientific forums. It should be noted that our scientists have already created a positive image and maintain the prestige of BSMU inBerlin(Germany), Leyden (Netherlands),Poznan(Poland), Krayova (Romania) and many other cities.

International Medical and Pharmaceutical Conference of Students and Young Scientists

Every year we organize a number of events, but special attention should be paid to the annual international conference of medical and pharmaceutical students and young scientists held in our university. Last spring we had already the 10th conference, which will be qualified as a Congress next year – and it is by a step higher. Such a Congress is of great importance in the assessment of the scientific activity in general; still, its organization requires special responsibility. Thus, our annual scientific forum is dynamically developing, responding to modern global trends.

When the electronic registration on a separate Congress webpage, made in several languages, became a standard, we moved further: created symbols and distributed informational flyers throughout the European universities to advertise. In addition, our congress is known worldwide as BIMCO – Bukovinian International Medical Congress (International Medical Congress of Bukovina) – simply and concisely. Our innovative actions resulted in increasing the number of participating countries in 2013 to 10 (7 in2012) including:France,Germany,CzechRepublic,Poland,Romania,Russia,Moldovaand others. The number of participants is progressively increasing: over800 in2013 (540 in2012), more than 100 of which are young scientists from abroad. Undoubtedly, it is an evidence of the European level of scientific events inBukovinianStateMedicalUniversity.

Scientific Society of Bukovinian State Medical University publishes national journal for young scientists "Khyst" where students and young scientists can promulgate the results of their scientific achievements. One needs to study properly and to arrange the paper according to the guidelines, and after a recommendation of the editorial board, the work is published. The most active students at their graduation can have more than a dozen publications.

tepanchenkoDeputy Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists on international activities Markiyan Stepanchenko:

- International cooperation is considered to be a priority direction. Except the active promotion of the international framework of the annual scientific forum we actively participate in various scientific events inEuropeand around the world. Each year students and young researchers undergo a training course at the leading hospitals and universities in theUS,Germany,Austria,FranceandRomania. We have recently received a proposal from the scientific community of the Medical University of Silesia (Katowice,Poland) to participate in international research in the field of psychiatry, which will be implemented soon.

One of the promising tendencies of students’ science development is to join the international student organizations such as EMSA – European Medical Students' Association (European Medical Students Association) and IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (International Federation of Medical Students). The first will enable young scientists to enhance student participation in international research, promote their activities and publish research results in JEMSA – Journal of the Association. The second one will give the possibility for students to undergo internship training in clinics around the world.

I would add that the Students’ Scientific Society of Bukovinian State Medical University contributes to the quality of professional training and qualification of future doctors, the development of scientific potential and leadership skills in young scientists, obtaining and increasing the prestige ofUkraineon the international scene.

The material is prepared by: Markiyan Stepanchenko, Deputy Chair of the Young Scientists Council of BSMU

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