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17 вересня
Булик Т.С.
Козловська І.М.
Плешко Т.В.
Репчук Ю.В.

18 вересня
Бірюкова Т.В.
Мислицький В.Ф.
Солом'ян В.Г.
Чорна С.П.

20 вересня

Задорожний О.Д.
Маршавка М.П.
Шундерюк І.В.

21 вересня

Ткачук О.В.

22 вересня
Івко В.Р.
Осійчук І.С.
Павлов Ю.О.

23 вересня

Левандовська Д.Р.
Левицька В.І.
Мельник Н.О.
Михальський Й.М.

24 вересня

Гончарук Л.М.
Остафійчук Д.І.
Процак Т.В.
Сорокман Т.В.

25 вересня

Романюк Д.Г.
Чубатенко С.Ю.

26 вересня

Бєлік В.М.
Мікулець Л.В.
Топольницька Т.О.

27 вересня

Геруш І.В.
Дущак Д.В.
Заморський І.І.
Колодніцька Т.Л.
Токар П.Ю.
Харабара Я.І.

28 вересня

Бабій О.Р.
Колдріш О.В.
Нікітіна Н.В.

29 вересня

Козарюк Н.В.
Хлуновська Л.Ю.

30 вересня

Дудка Є.А.
Маюк О.В.

1 жовтня

Булега Ю.Д.
Коновчук В.М.
Семків В.Б.
Табачнюк Н.В.
Ткачук О.Ю.
Хмара Т.В.
Щудрова Т.С.

2 жовтня

Олієвська М.В.
Царик І.О.

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The Best BSMU Student has been Chosen

Monday, 25 November 2013 12:56

HOLIDAY. The best student of Bukovinian State Medical University was chosen on November 21, 2013 at the Palace "Academichnyi".

It should be noted that the recital became a final event in the celebration of Students’ Day in BSMU. A range of events devoted to the International Students’ Day have been already held: art studios concert in the palace "Academichnyi", the amateur student theater artists presented a performance "Chasing Two Hares".

The grand meeting of BSMU Students’ Scientific Society was also held in the network of solemn events.

Rector of the University, Professor Taras Boychuk congratulated all the participants on the occasion of the holiday and also awarded diplomas and commendations to the best BSMU students. The representatives of the local authorities also came to congratulate medical students on this occasion: Mykola Borets, executive secretary of the Chernivtsi Regional Council, Mykhailo Pavliuk, Head of the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sports of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, Vasylyna Malyshevska, Head of the Education Department of Chernivtsi Municipal Council, Liubov Babaienko, Deputy head of Department of Health of Chernivtsi Municipal Council, Natalia Kotsur, Head of the Family and Youth Department of Chernivtsi Municipal Council, Volodymyr Shkvarkovskyi, Head of the Chernivtsi Regional Council of Trade Unions.

BSMU Students Achievements

Nowadays BSMU students have numerous achievements in their study, scientific, artistic and sport activities. BSMU took the third place of honour among the top medical universities; 22 students participated in the Ukrainian competition of students’ research papers on natural, technical and humanities sciences, 7 of them won the competition. BSMU students are scholarship holders. They are President Scholarship, the Verkhovna Rada Scholarship, Chernivtsi Regional State Administration Scholarship, M.S. Hrushevskyi nominal scholarship, nominal grants of BSMU prominent scientists.

This year 94 university students were prize winners in the competition between higher educational establishments. The University received 3 medals (gold, silver and bronze) in All-Ukrainian tournaments. 13 students brought international competition awards (4 gold and 9 bronze winners of the competitions). Art studios participants also won prizes at regional, national and international competitions.

BSMU Best Student 2013

The ceremony of awarding the best University students in different nominations followed the greeting words. This year it was presented in a quite interesting manner: all faculty stage winners were the first to be presented, and only then the winner’s name was announced (by a vote of competition committee).

So, Marina Korotchuk, a student of medical faculty № 1 of Bukovinian State Medical University became the best student; it’s her who will represent BSMU at city contests.

The winners in different nominations were also announced: Vasyl Mosiichuk, the Head of the BSMU Students’ Council, a student of medical faculty № 1 was “The Best Social Worker Student”; Olga Parastyviuk, a student of medical faculty № 2 became "The Best Student-scientist"; Ksenia Voroniuk, a student of medical faculty № 2 was recognized as "The Best Media Professional Student"; Olenksandr Stetsiv, a student of medical faculty № 4 was "The Best Student-analyst"; Olga Karpiuk, a student of Dentistry faculty, and Natalia Farbatiuk, a student of Pharmacy faculty were called "The Best Students-designers"; Mykhailo Parneta, a student of medical faculty № 2 was "The Best Student-athlete"; Sergii Hovornian, a student of medical faculty № 1 became "The Best Student-programmer".

All winners received certificates, ribbons and contest figurines "BSMU Best Student – 2013." On behalf of the administration we sincerely congratulate the winners and wish them new achievements and accomplishments.

It has become a good tradition that during the celebration BSMU teachers congratulate their students by making a performance, thus students watched it with great pleasure; the audience also enjoyed humorous miniatures.

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