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The Most Active Volunteers are Trained in BSMU

Thursday, 12 December 2013 14:43

VOLUNTEERING. Today, one of the most important parts of the modern educational institution is the development of the volunteer movement. Ukraine has an ancient tradition of public labor, mutual care for one's neighbor. People working in this area, were called public persons, community leaders, altruists, benefactors, volunteers etc. Then a new era came and we began to call these people differently – volunteers.

Students and teachers of Bukovinian State Medical University organize and participate in a lot of charity events dedicated to the commemoration of anniversaries, celebrations of state and religious holidays.

The Law of Ukraine "On Social Services" defines the term "volunteer" as an individual who willfully performes a charitable, non-profit and motivated activity that is socially useful by its nature.

Volunteers are involved in the following activities: assistance to low-income children and families, purchase and delivery of medicines, food, industrial goods, books, newspapers, magazines, cleaning and organizing areas, leisure (improvised concerts) etc.

From the beginning of the year, the students-volunteers of Bukovinian State Medical University organized more than 50 charity events.

Here are the most significant ones:

On January 14, 2013 the students of medical faculty № 1 organized an event "Christmas bells" in Chernivtsi Geriatric Nursing Home and presented real Christmas Holiday to the people under charge, singing Christmas carols, reciting poems and giving sweets to the elderly.

On January 17 acharity concert "Echoes of Christmas" was held. All money received from tickets sale (23 thousand hryvnias) was sent to the inmates of boarding school in Mahala village.

On February 7 the staff of Therapeutic Dentistry Department performed free treatment and counseling members of socially disadvantaged groups of the population on the basis of educational and medical center "University Hospital".

On February 18 BSMU students “hunted the smile” on the occasion of the International Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness. In Teatralna Squareand near the shopping center "Formarket" students-volunteers of medical faculty №1 inreturn for a sincere smile handed out symbolic little presents and flyers with regards to passers to do a good deed right at the moment.

During March 25–April 2, an action "Give a book to a child" dedicated to the International Children's Book Day was held; all collected books were presented to the orphans.

On March 20 the event dedicated to the World Down Syndrome Day was held in a regional center for the kids of medical and social rehabilitation of children with organic lesions of the central nervous system.

During the year there was preventive action "Hypertension Prevention – as a Reserve Increasing Life Expectancy." The venues of these meetings were: Teatralna Square, City clinics № 1, № 2 and City polyclinic № 3. The aim of the event was to draw attention of Chernivtsi citizens to the vital importance to know and control one’s blood pressure.

On April 7-28 together with the All-Ukrainian Charitable Foundation "Heart to Heart" a charity action "Hear the World" was held in Chernivtsi region, during this action there was a fundraiser for children with hearing impairments.

On May24 acharity campaign dedicated to socially unprotected people was held: vulnerable people were given food.

On September 16 BSMU students and teachers participated in the race "For healthy life against hypertension" held in the downtown. All educational institutions joined the event.

During September and October students organized the campaign "Don’t wait, give your blood." It should be noted that medical students are the most active donors in the region.

On October 3 students presented art greetings to Chernivtsi Geriatric Center wards on the occasion of International Day of Older Persons.

On October 5 on the occasion of the City Day a social event "Healthy City" was held in the Cathedral Square, BSMU staff also took part in it. During the campaign Chernivtsi citizens were consulted by therapeutists, cardiologists, neurologists, gynecologists, pediatricians and allergists for free, and got the possibility to make basic diagnosis of their health (pressure, blood sugar level and identified BMI).

On November 1 educational and preventive action “What one should know about the acute respiratory viral infections” was conducted.

On November 15 the action devoted to the World Diabetes Day "Let’s unite to fight diabetes" was held.

On November 21 the students gave citizens autumn flowers and small cards with pleasant words on the occasion of the World Hello Day.

On November26 inChernivtsi schools students-interns and young doctors had the so-called "hours of health" – health educational sessions on various topics aimed at preventing the distribution of infectious diseases and the formation of healthy lifestyles skills in the younger generation.

On December 1, students organized a charity campaign "I have the power to live", which is dedicated to the World AIDS Day or Day of Understanding HIV-positive people and consists in the distribution of information materials, contraceptives and symbolic ribbons.

We have to note that the New Year and Christmas period is coming – the period of most active volunteering. It has become a tradition of BSMU volunteer students to visit orphans with gifts not only in Chernivtsi, but also around the whole region. Each university group contributes to charity – students give a variety of gifts and of course, some care, attention and communication to kids.

The material is prepared by: Vitalii Smandych, senior laboratory assistant of the department of Patients’ Care and Higher Nursing Education.

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