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Гараздюк О.І.
Кравчук П.П.
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Зав'янський Л.Ю.
Рудан І.В.
Шорікова Д.В.

BSMU Participation in the Erasmus Mundus Program

Thursday, 12 December 2013 15:21

ACADEMIC MOBILITY. On November 27-30, 2013 Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Professor Oleksandr Ivashchuk made an official visit to the city of Riga (Latvia) in the framework of Bukovinian State Medical University participation in the Erasmus Mundus grant program.

During the working meeting, which was attended by the representatives of all the consortium “MEDEA” partner universities, a formal agreement on cooperation in the framework of Erasmus Mundus (Action 2) was signed and the issues of academic mobility of students and young scientists between partner universities were fixed up.

“Erasmus Mundus” – EU educational program aimed at fostering international cooperation, increasing mobility among students, teachers and scholars of European universities and universities of third countries on all continents.

Professor O. Ivashchuk performed a presentation of higher medical education inUkrainein general and in BSMU in particular. In addition, at a working meeting of program coordinators the official web-site of the project was introduced; the web-site plays an important role in the popularization of its objectives and results, and it will become a source of information about the program and conditions of participation in it.

We have to note that the joining of BSMU to the European academic mobility program is a new stage of the University international cooperation, which, in its turn, has confirmed the recognition of BSMU in the European educational space.

It should also be emphasized that the mobility of students and teachers is one of the basic principles of modern European education. Education, training and research work abroad enriches the individual human experience, gives the opportunity to learn more about other models of knowledge gaining and spreading, makes it possible to expand the network of contacts and communication, and to improve one’s knowledge of foreign languages. Graduate students and researchers from various countries, including Ukraine, have the opportunity to receive grants from the EU to continue studying or conducting research in the EU.

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