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His talent was not forgiven...

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 13:14

PERSONALITY. Nowadays Volodymyr Ivasiuk’s name, as of a great composer, founder of Ukrainian pop music, is known to many people around the globe. But it wasn’t always so easy to express one’s admiration for his bottomless talent, to pay honour to this true titan of Ukrainian music. Only in 1995 with the foundation of Chernivtsi V.Ivasiuk Memorial Museum the comprehensive information about his life and creative work became available to the general public.

This year we are going to celebrate his 65th birth anniversary. On the eve of these events BSMU students, namely group 42/1st year students (tutor – Makovska O.O.) and group 7/2nd year students (tutor – Vakhotskyi M.M.) paid a visit to this museum.

Hryniova Viktoria, gr. 7/2nd year student: “We were able to touch the eternal, glorious, invincible, just what the artist lived by, we could see everything that surrounded him in his everyday life. It was V.Ivasiuk who took and led Ukrainian music out of the shadows, Ukrainian song sounded from the stage and at that very moment the whole world started to sing it. His songs “Red Rue” and “Vodohrai” “The Fountain” were recognized as the best songs of the year in USSR in 1971 and 1972 respectively. They proved that Ukrainian music was not just a kind of primitive, marginalized, and doomed to extinction melody, it had never been such and never will”.

The excursion was especially interesting for foreign students, since they know quite little about the history of Ukrainian culture.

Master Vidhi, gr. 42/1st year student: “I am impressed by the amount of work that the author succeeded to perform for such an unfairly short life. No wonder it was compared with the life of a butterfly – the same brief and bright. It's amazing that even the letters from the entire USSR reached their destination without the exact address, simply indicating “to the “Red Rue” author”. V.Ivasiuk is a legend, symbol, namecard of Ukraine, pride of the entire nation, personality of whom we are now also aware. He is an ideal for everyone, because V.Ivasiuk was a BSMU student, and it means that we sometimes study in the same classrooms, at the same desks”.

Since that time in Ukraine no song has been created – so popular, so magnificent, beloved by people of all ages, as the “Red Rue” is. V.Ivasiuk is a multi-dimensional figure, a symbol of a generation, which was not allowed to have the right to self-expression.

Our basic task and duty is to support and promote, popularize among the younger generation Ivasiuk’s works, to fortify their national identity and, of course to keep the fire of memory burning.

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