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Дні народження

5 липня
Демчук Ю.І.
Марцинкевич С.С.
Масікевич Ю.Г.
Федірчик М.С.

6 липня
Левицький І.Г.
Мишковський Ю.М.
Муратова С.Г.
Перепічка М.П.
Приймак С.Г.
Семань-Мінько І.С.

7 липня
Баланюк І.В.
Зазуля І.В.
Камад А.М.
Марчук Ф.Д.

8 липня
Захарчук О.І.
Скринчук О.Я.
Ясніковська С.М.

9 липня
Алай Я.С.
Андрієць А.В.
Вакарюк В.В.

10 липня
Балицька Г.Д.
Батрановська С.О.
Радомська Д.Д.

11 липня
Іщук Ж.І.
Кваснюк Д.І.
Рудик Г.В.

12 липня
Гаврилова А.В.
Руснак В.Ф.

13 липня
Андрюк Т.М.
Герасим Л.М.
Никифор Л.В.

14 липня
Давиденко О.М.
Дев’яткіна Д.О.
Зав'ялець І.В.
Сидорчук Л.І.
Шилепницький П.І.

15 липня
Каланча О.Д.
Слубська А.Я.
Шаплавський М.В.

16 липня
Гасько М.В.
Зінченко Т.М.
Задорожна М.П.
Ковцун Т.Д.
Пожидаєва Н.Г.
Тимчук Д.Д.
Яремій І.М.

17 липня
Кашперук-Карпюк І.С.
Ленга Е.Л.
Маковій І.В.
Перижняк А.І.
Татарин Г.Г.
Чебан В.І.

18 липня
Бамбуляк А.В.
Мураль А.С.
Перебийніс П.П.
Савчук К.П.
Ткачук М.М.

19 липня
Ісламова І.Р.
Андрійчук Д.Р.
Бабінцева А.Г.
Бржосніовська О.Ю.
Васильченко І.А.
Волянюк П.М.
Мігай М.Г.
Мельничук Л.В.
Сокольник С.О.
Усатий В.В.
Чернікова Г.М.
Шандрюк М.І.

20 липня
Ілюк І.І.
Бодяка В.Ю.
Буздуган І.О.
Гречко С.І.
Карвацька Н.С.
Марфіна З.М.

Семененко С.Б.
Ступницька Г.Я.

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Modern equipment is actively used for the practical training of English-speaking students in the Regional Center for Endoscopic Urology

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 16:23

The orientation of the modern training of medical students for acquiring practical skills makes significant adjustments to the work of teachers, especially in clinical departments.


In order to be competitive in the market of educational services, mastering of practical skills in the BDMU should be done using modern methods and the appropriate equipment. That is the most relevant for the surgical departments where quality of operations are strictly depend on the quality of the equipment and the training skills of the department staff.


Creation of the Regional Center of Endoscopic Urology on the basis of the Department of Urology and Neurosurgery of BDMU and the Department of Urology of the Regional Clinical Hospital (headed by Prof. Valerii Zaytsev) in 2018 allowed to improve not only the provision of highly qualified medical care to patients with complex urological and oncourgical pathology, and and to improve the practical training of students, including foreign ones.

The center is equipped with a modern equipment for endoscopic operations (Storz), which made it possible to perform advanced modern mini-invasive surgical interventions (such as laparoscopic radical prostatectomy or laparoscopic resection of the kidney) for the first time in our region. During the classes English-speaking students have the opportunity to learn in detail the principles of the operations, the features of the instruments and equipment that is being used, and also to be present and see the “live” surgery.

Durinf the operations students have the opportunity to ask questions. The head of the Center Prof. Valerii Zaytsev not only performs operations, but also gives detailed comments, explains the features of the anatomy and physiology of the genitourinary system, peculiarities of that case. All cases typically are pre-discussed in the classroom and later on in the operation theater, students have the opportunity to compare how looks the tumor in a real life which they just saw at Ro. It's much better to see once the "live" surgery than 10 times to talk about it in the audience and this leaves a vivid impression for a long time.

This combination of theory and practice greatly improves memorization of information and the desire to learn. Students are always happy to have possibility of watching the "live" surgery and, as a rule, have many questions not only in the operating room, but also in the audience afterward.

In addition, since such operations can be performed only in advanced hospitals with the appropriate level of equipment and trained staff

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