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20 червня
Гарбашевська П.П.
Дроник Т.А.
Крук Т.В.
Шостенко А.А.

21 червня
Годованець О.С.
Русіна С.М.
Чернецька М.М.

23 червня
Долга І.В.
Малкович Н.М.
Панкевич М.М.

24 червня
Іващук С.І.
Вінник Т.Д.
Василик А.С.
Горда І.Г.
Жук О.О.
Макарова О.В.
Присяжнюк П.В.
Ревуцька Г.С.

25 червня
Булезюк О.В.
Кухта О.Я.
Сулятицька Ж.В.

26 червня
Боєчко В.Ф.
Дікал М.В.
Дорубець А.Д.
Пашковська Н.В.
Сметанюк О.М.

27 червня
Бурянчук Л.О.
Гринкевич Л.Г.

28 червня
Боднараш С.Г.
Присташ Н.М.
Сандуляк І.Т.

29 червня
Глущенко Т.А.
Лопушинська І.В.
Пентюк В.В.

30 червня
Булик Р.Є.
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2 липня
Бойда Н.Й.
Волошинович Н.С.
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Gifts from Saint Nicholas for students boarding school № 2

Monday, 14 January 2013 14:12

The department of foreign languages, along with first-year students of medical faculties number 2 and number 4 came with gifts from St. Nicholas to students Chernivtsi boarding school for children with diminished hearing. Students of the institution from the scene showed great vocal and dance numbers. Also, future doctors were able to see the exhibition of works of students.

Guest students

Irina Yakovishak: "I am extremely impressed and liked speaking students, they are very nice singing and dancing. And I particularly liked the Grade 8 student who sang a song lyric. "

Igor Bilyk: "This institution is an atmosphere of peace, comfort and love. The school employs people who care about the children and know their job well. "

Joanna Kyzyma: "Extremely impressed seen mini-concert, which showed students the institution. Each child filled us such energy, I looked and could not tear his eyes as they are sincere, in that they exhibit. "

need ... to do good, especially for children who believe in the fairy tale.

Dmitry Kosovan "Extremely pleased performances for the school. Kids are very talented, they have a great future. Their gestures songs stir the soul and make you think over their ordinariness. "

Irina Kasyanchuk: "Pupils boarding school by his example shows that you should always enjoy life despite the obstacles ... At such moments, above all, I want to give a piece of myself, and that's when you know your calling in the future as a doctor."

Julia Shevchuk: "Kids School for hearing me very impressed. With this health problem, they smile and showed us happy concert. They left an indelible mark on my heart. Our visit to the school again confirmed that I made the right choice to become a doctor to assist as kids. "

Michael Frost: "These kids are talented, I'd like to communicate with them and I am sure that not every visit you here."

Vadim Andriets: "We're doing good, especially for children who believe in the fairy tale. We, and all present enjoyed art hearing children. "

Sergei Gidora: "All kids-students school number 2 is very cute, cool, cute. Their optimism, smiles, joy, help them fight the disease. Having been in school once, I want to return there again and again, to give children gifts, love and hope. "

Elijah Corn: "After visiting and seeing how the special school children with disabilities are still seeking to develop fully and creatively grow up - it's very touching."

Antonina Stryharchuk: "Kids, despite the fact that they do not hear or hard of hearing, still does not seem to be improving and myself. I think every year you want to go there, make gifts to children, and we are the future doctors need to communicate with these kids. "

Victoria head: "I am most impressed kindness, manners, energetic children. They prepared us an extraordinary concert that did not leave anyone indifferent. I am very grateful to our vykladachtsi, Bytsko Natalia Ivanovna, she organized the visit. "

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