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Рощук О.І.

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Ілюк А.І.
Гарвасюк О.В.
Капій Ю.Б.
Куліш Н.М.
Маліщук Г.Д.
Петрова Х.В.
Шинкура О.Я.

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Іванчук П.Р.
Гордієнко В.В.
Кривецька І.І.
Ліснянська Н.В.

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Діклевич М.І.
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Щербак Т.І.

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Президент України

Approved by Ukraine of the world experience model of modernization of health care is to provide affordable and quality health care for every citizen. This was stated by the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych in an interview with "Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine."

"There is nothing surprising in the fact that after the reform in society is an ongoing debate. This only confirms the fact that we are on the right track - because the debate can hear the opinion of every citizen and, if necessary, make the necessary clarifications "- said Viktor Yanukovych.

Хворі на заразні форми туберкульозу будуть примусово госпіталізовуватися за рішенням суду

For securing healthy citizens and combating the spread of TB patients with infectious forms of the disease are now forced hospitalizovuvatymut by the court. This procedure defines government order dated January 3, 2013 № 3 "On Amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 29, 2009 № 1285" designed to bring existing regulations - regulations to the new Law of Ukraine "On Fighting tuberculosis. "

Ігор Шкробанець, директор Департаменту  охорони здоров’я та цивільного захисту населення Чернівецької ОДА

Director of the Department of Health and Civil Protection Chernivtsi Governor Igor Shkrobanets the newspaper "Health Bukovina" spoke about activities of healthcare in the region in 2013 and singled out the main achievements of 2012.

According to the Director of last year was quite challenging. It entered the field of real reform and modernization of the healthcare industry, talk about the need for which was conducted during the entire history of independent Ukraine.

Стажування українців в інституціях Євросоюзу

The European Commission has announced the selection of candidates for training in the structures of the EU - the European executive bodies, agencies and secretariats. The selected participants for five months will receive a monthly stipend of one thousand euros. Also, they will be reimbursed for travel expenses and paid health insurance.

Usually interns working in institutions EU students organize meetings, attend workshops, forums, public hearings, monitor and help compose documents, reports, answers to queries.