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Дні народження

20 червня
Гарбашевська П.П.
Дроник Т.А.
Крук Т.В.
Шостенко А.А.

21 червня
Годованець О.С.
Русіна С.М.
Чернецька М.М.

23 червня
Долга І.В.
Малкович Н.М.
Панкевич М.М.

24 червня
Іващук С.І.
Вінник Т.Д.
Василик А.С.
Горда І.Г.
Жук О.О.
Макарова О.В.
Присяжнюк П.В.
Ревуцька Г.С.

25 червня
Булезюк О.В.
Кухта О.Я.
Сулятицька Ж.В.

26 червня
Боєчко В.Ф.
Дікал М.В.
Дорубець А.Д.
Пашковська Н.В.
Сметанюк О.М.

27 червня
Бурянчук Л.О.
Гринкевич Л.Г.

28 червня
Боднараш С.Г.
Присташ Н.М.
Сандуляк І.Т.

29 червня
Глущенко Т.А.
Лопушинська І.В.
Пентюк В.В.

30 червня
Булик Р.Є.
Зорій А.О.
Коротун О.П.
Лапа Г.М.
Мироник О.В.
Смандич В.С.
Унгурян Т.М.

2 липня
Бойда Н.Й.
Волошинович Н.С.
Галиш І.В.
Каратєєва С.Ю.
Локовей В.Г.
Миронюк М.Б.
Сокол А.М.
Флюндра А.А.
Цюпа С.В.

3 липня
Атаманюк Я.А.
Майборода О.І.
Яворський А.В.

4 липня
Волощук Д.Є.
Дроник І.І.
Ясинська Е.Ц.

5 липня
Демчук Ю.І.
Марцинкевич С.С.
Масікевич Ю.Г.
Федірчик М.С.

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Patients with infectious tuberculosis will hospitalizovuvatysya forced by court

For securing healthy citizens and combating the spread of TB patients with infectious forms of the disease are now forced hospitalizovuvatymut by the court. This procedure defines government order dated January 3, 2013 № 3 "On Amendments to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated October 29, 2009 № 1285" designed to bring existing regulations - regulations to the new Law of Ukraine "On Fighting tuberculosis. "

Thus Article 11 of the new law provides that if patients with contagious forms of TB, including during outpatient or inpatient treatment, violating anti-epidemic regime that threatens tuberculosis infection of others, to prevent the spread of tuberculosis by the court they can be forcibly taken to the anti agencies with relevant departments (Commerce) to accommodate such patients.

Statement on forced hospitalization or prolongation of hospitalization forced patient with infectious tuberculosis submitted to the court representative TB facilities that provide appropriate treatment of the patient within 24 hours of the discovery violation sick epidemiological regime. The application is accompanied by a reasoned conclusion physician who performs or intends to care for the patient, the need for compulsory hospitalization according to antituberculous institutions or for the extension of compulsory hospitalization.

  This forced hospitalization of persons on the court adopted the decision, shall be based on the conclusion doctor for up to three months. A prolongation of forced hospitalization of such persons shall be by the court for a specified period of time, taking into account the opinion of a doctor who performs the treatment of this patient.

The decision on detention to antituberculous institutions or for the extension of compulsory hospitalization of patients with infectious tuberculosis accepted by the court at the place of discovery of these patients or the location of TB institution and subject to immediate execution. Police at the request of the head of TB Hospital provide within its power to assist the enforcement of the judgment. Forced hospitalization of patients with infectious tuberculosis who suffer from mental disorders is established in this law based on the legislation on mental health care.

Failure to comply with a court decision on detention to antituberculous institutions or for the extension of compulsory hospitalization entails criminal liability according to law.


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