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Дні народження

14 листопада
Беженар М.М.
Гнатюк М.Г.
Гринько Н.В.
Леонтій Т.О.
Мінтенко Г.А.
Павлуник І.І.
Ференчук Є.О.

15 листопада

Балан Р.І.
Гаєвська М.Ю.
Маринчина І.М.
Ткачук У.В.

16 листопада
Антофійчук М.П.
Бєлов М.О.
Николаєсі В.І.
Хухліна О.С.
Чапара М.І.

17 листопада
Лаврова О.М.
Сидорчук Р.І.

18 листопада
Васюк В.Л.
Жуковська А.О.

19 листопада
Ганущак Л.М.
Пашковський В.М.
Плотнікова Т.Я.
Савка С.Д.
Скрипа О.Л.
Чернюх О.Г.

20 листопада
Асютіна В.В.
Білов М.Є.
Багажевська В.О.
Владиченко К.А.
Кондратенко С.І.
Никоряк Т.В.
Панченко Ю.В.

21 листопада
Антофійчук Т.М.
Леонтій В.М.
Швець В.І.
Шинкура В.М.
Яковичук Н.Д.

22 листопада
Гнідан М.С.
Дінова О.П.
Жук О.В.
Міхєєва Т.М.
Пендерецька О.М.
Романов В.М.
Чорний О.В.
Шульгіна В.В.

24 листопада
Андрієць О.А.
Андрущак М.О.
Крічак Т.В.

25 листопада
Бірюк І.Г.
Телекі Я.М.
Филипчук О.Д.
Чаплінська І.М.

26 листопада
Волощук Л.Г.
Кушнір О.В.
Мак Г.В.
Осипенко В.А.
Соломатіна Н.І.
Тураш М.М.

27 листопада
Караван Я.Р.
Карпюк Л.В.
Крокош Є.М.
Пенюк Л.М.
Флорескул Д.М.
Юрків О.І.

28 листопада
Александрюк В.М.

29 листопада
Кожокару В.І.
Кушнірик О.В.
Ніка О.М.
Ядченко А.Ф.

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Wednesday, 05 June 2019 16:47
World No Tobacco Day

On 27 May, 2019 in the Reading Room of the BSMU Library an information hour «Tobacco Smoking in the History of Mankind: Medicine versus Smoking» was held for English-speaking students from 2nd course, groups 53, 54, 66 and 69 of Medical Faculty №3, devoted to the World No Tobacco Day, which is celebrated aroud the world annually on 31 May.

Wednesday, 15 May 2019 16:23
Modern equipment is actively used for the practical training of English-speaking students in the Regional Center for Endoscopic Urology

The orientation of the modern training of medical students for acquiring practical skills makes significant adjustments to the work of teachers, especially in clinical departments.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018 12:13
Navratri was celebrated at Bukovinian State Medical University

On October 13, 2018, the traditional nine-day Hindu festival Navratri was celebrated at the University with Garba dance. Garba is a Gujarati folk dance celebrated in Navratri, a celebration lasting nine nights. Garba songs typically revolve around the subjects of the nine goddesses. Garba styles vary from place to place in Gujarat. The word garba comes from the Sanskrit word for womb and so implies gestation or pregnancy – life.

Sunday, 14 October 2018 11:54
Our students are the best!

On October 11, 2018, traditional competitions “Cossack funs” were held in the sport complex of Bukovinian State Medical University on the occasion of the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks and Ukrainian Defenders.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:17
Diwali – The festival of lights

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn. One of the major festivals of Hinduism, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities.

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 13:14
During an excursion

PERSONALITY. Nowadays Volodymyr Ivasiuk’s name, as of a great composer, founder of Ukrainian pop music, is known to many people around the globe. But it wasn’t always so easy to express one’s admiration for his bottomless talent, to pay honour to this true titan of Ukrainian music. Only in 1995 with the foundation of Chernivtsi V.Ivasiuk Memorial Museum the comprehensive information about his life and creative work became available to the general public.

Saturday, 28 December 2013 11:34
BSMU Students Visited Pupils of the Boarding School in Zaluchia-Dolishnie Village

CHARITY EVENT.Traditionally, on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day, students of Bukovinian State Medical University hold numerous charity events in order to give joy, warmth and smile to those deprived of it.

This year was not an exception either. On December, 19 the students, led by their teachers Khrystyna Chympoi and Yana Teleki, instructors of Internal Medicine Department with the assistance of the staff of the Department of Internal Medicine visited the orphanage for disabled children in the village Zaluchia-Dolishnie, Sniatyn District, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

Thursday, 26 December 2013 11:55
charity events

CHARITY EVENTS. The tradition of receiving gifts from St. Nicholas originated from Medieval Germany, where on the eve of the holiday parents gave the children new winter clothes. Eventually they started to do this secretly at night, so the children could believe in the miracles. Sweets, nuts, toys were also presented later. They were usually hidden in new or polished and repaired old shoes, placed near fireplaces, or in the stockings hung on the fireplace. Children believe that St. Nicholas throws the gifts into the houses through the chimneys.

Thursday, 12 December 2013 15:21
BSMU Participation in the Erasmus Mundus Program

ACADEMIC MOBILITY. On November 27-30, 2013 Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Professor Oleksandr Ivashchuk made an official visit to the city of Riga (Latvia) in the framework of Bukovinian State Medical University participation in the Erasmus Mundus grant program.

During the working meeting, which was attended by the representatives of all the consortium “MEDEA” partner universities, a formal agreement on cooperation in the framework of Erasmus Mundus (Action 2) was signed and the issues of academic mobility of students and young scientists between partner universities were fixed up.

Thursday, 12 December 2013 14:43
The Most Active Volunteers are Trained in BSMU

VOLUNTEERING. Today, one of the most important parts of the modern educational institution is the development of the volunteer movement. Ukraine has an ancient tradition of public labor, mutual care for one's neighbor. People working in this area, were called public persons, community leaders, altruists, benefactors, volunteers etc. Then a new era came and we began to call these people differently – volunteers.

Students and teachers of Bukovinian State Medical University organize and participate in a lot of charity events dedicated to the commemoration of anniversaries, celebrations of state and religious holidays.

Monday, 25 November 2013 12:56
The Best BSMU Student has been Chosen

HOLIDAY. The best student of Bukovinian State Medical University was chosen on November 21, 2013 at the Palace "Academichnyi".

It should be noted that the recital became a final event in the celebration of Students’ Day in BSMU. A range of events devoted to the International Students’ Day have been already held: art studios concert in the palace "Academichnyi", the amateur student theater artists presented a performance "Chasing Two Hares".

The grand meeting of BSMU Students’ Scientific Society was also held in the network of solemn events.

Monday, 25 November 2013 12:51
BSMU Students Gave Flowers to Passers-by

HAVE A NICE DAY! BSMU students of medical faculty № 1 (with the dean's office assistance) held the event on the occasion of the World Hello Day on November 21.

“Generally, this annual global event began to be celebrated in 1973. Its appearance owes to two brothers – Brian and Michael McCormak who wrote letters of sincere and cordial greetings (a kind of peaceful protest against the Cold War) and sent them all around the world.

Thursday, 14 November 2013 16:58
BSMU Students Were Awarded with Ministerial Commendations

HIGH PRIZE. Mykhailo Papiev, Head of the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration and Mykhailo Haynycheru, Head of the Chernivtsi Regional Council of Students’ Parliament of Bukovyna held a meeting on November 13, on the eve of the Students’ Day.

"I hope that all your intellectual abilities, advanced thinking, combined with the desire to establish European standards of life will be directed to the creation of a new face of Bukovina and our state", – said Mykhailo Papiev.

During the session Mykhailo Haynycheru presented 10 commendations of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine to the students participants of the Ukrainian Youth Festival for their significant contribution to the implementation of the national youth policy. It is encouraging that most Thanks were received by representatives of Bukovinian State Medical University, namely: Anna Rybarchuk, Alexandra Stoika and Serhiy Hovornian, students of medical faculty № 1.

Thursday, 14 November 2013 16:48
Young scientists of BSMU are known far beyond Ukraine

WORLD SCIENCE DAY. World Science Day for Peace and Development is annually celebrated worldwide on November 10.

Students’ Scientific Society and the Council of Young Scientists are very successful in Bukovinian State Medical University. Thus, the students together with their successful learning are in need and find time for research. It became possible due to the efficient organization of Students’ Scientific Societies and scientific groups working under the guidance of experienced teachers of the university departments. Generally, more than 1,200 students are engaged in 50 societies, including the Society of Foreign Languages.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 15:28
The Issues of Young Generation Reproductive Health Protection have been discussed in BSMU

The scientific conference with international participation "Reproductive Health of Youth" was held in Bukovinian State Medical University on October 25-26, worked as; it was organized by the Ministry of Health Protection of Ukraine, National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Bukovinian State Medical University, Department of Health Protection and Civil Defence Chernivtsi Regional State Administration, the Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Ukraine.

The conference was attended by over 200 leading scholars and practitioners (obstetricians and gynecologists, urologists, anesthesiologists, family physicians) ofUkraineas well as CIS.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013 15:23
Introduction of the principles of evidence-based medicine in clinical pediatrics

These very issues were discussed by leading scientists and representatives of the country's public health system during the scientific conference, which was held on October 21-22,2013 in Bukovinian State Medical University. It should be noted, that it was a multidisciplinary conference, which involved more than 200 pediatricians, family doctors, ENT specialists.

The problems of child’s health care organization, implementation and use of the evidence-based medicine principles in pediatric allergology, pulmonology, infectiology, and neonatology were discussed at the meeting.

Tuesday, 01 October 2013 11:18
Independence Day of Nigeria

DEAR NIGERIAN STUDENTS!On the occasion of the 53rd anniversary of Independence Day of Federal Republic of Nigeria on behaf of the Rector of Bukovinian State Medical University, Dean, all the Professors and tutors let us congratulate you on this special day! Following the motto of your country "Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress" Nigerian students represent an integral community among all other international students of the University.

Thursday, 13 June 2013 12:59
Під час візиту

Exchange of experience. During May 29 - June 6, Chief Training Division Bukovina State Medical University Vladimir Khodorovskyi leading specialist sector and monitoring the quality of education and information of Alexander Melnychuk visited Samarkand State Medical Institute (Uzbekistan). The visit made within the scope of international cooperation in education and science done by Professor rectors Boychuk and Professor Azamat Shamsiyevym.

Monday, 14 January 2013 15:24
Надія для людей з синдромом Дауна

Американські вчені навчилися видаляти зайву копію 21 хромосоми з клітин, отриманих від пацієнтів із синдромом Дауна.

Суть дослідження.

Для того щоб видалити зайву копію 21 хромосоми, американські вчені використовували спеціальний вірус. Цей вірус необхідний для доставки гена TKNEO до певної ділянки 21 хромосоми. Після введення гена TKNEO в 21 хромосому клітини, що були отримані від пацієнтів із синдромом Дауна, вирощували у певному штучному середовищі. Клітини виживали в цьому середовищі завдяки спонтанному позбавленню від зайвої копії 21 хромосоми, що містить даний ген.

“Ми не говоримо про те, що даний метод дозволить вилікувати синдром Дауна», - пояснює один з авторів дослідження Девід Расселл. - “Маємо сподівання, що в найближчому майбутньому він допоможе пацієнтам із синдромом Дауна, які страдають раком крові. За допомогою цього методу з власних клітин пацієнтів можна буде отримати стовбурові клітини без зайвої копії 21 хромосоми, які стануть частиною лікувальної програми”


Monday, 14 January 2013 15:24
Обмороження шкіри обличчя

Зараз, коли стовпчик термометра майже завжди знаходиться нижче позначки -10 градусів, особливо важливо захистити ті ділянки нашого тіла, які не закриваються одягом - тобто обличчя. Іронія полягає в тому, що саме його ми не шкодуємо, підставляючи морозу і крижаного вітру, але ж воно є основою нашої краси і привабливості. Крім того, сильний вітер сушить шкіру, що прискорює процес старіння і поглиблення зморшок.

Наближається також пора гірськолижних відпусток, які, в свою чергу, чреваті обмороженням шкіри обличчя на холодному гірському повітрі. Тому так необхідно знати, як уберегти його... ну або хоча б швидко та безболісно подолати наслідки.

1. Принаймні за півгодини до виходу з будинку, нанесіть на обличчя захисний крем, відповідно до типу шкіри.

2. Коли йде дощ і дме жорсткий вітер, потрібно обов`язково піднімати комір, підкладати теплу хустку.

3. Якщо ви таки заморозили обличчя, не тріть щоки сильно - вони повинні прогріватися повільно. Перед сном на 10 хвилин покладіть на щоки теплий компрес із ромашкового чаю. Потім висушіть шкіру і смажте її товстіше, ніж зазвичай зволожуючим кремом.

4. Якщо обморозили ніс - розчиніть чайну ложку борної кислоти на склянку гарячої води. Просочіть марлю, оберніть теплим розчином і помістіть його на ніс. Тримайте, поки не прогріється. Ви повинні зробити 5 компресів. В кінці сухий ніс потрібно намазати камфоровою олією.

5. Переохолодження голови ще небезпечніше. Воно на тільки болісне, але також призводить до важких захворювань, і навіть синуситу. Тому в холодну погоду не виходьте з дому без головного убору, який незалежно від моди закриває скроні і лоб.

Якщо справа все ж дійшла до охолодження голови - після повернення додому потрібно втирати в скроні мазь потепління і обернути голову рушником або подихати гарячою парою. Просто нахиліть обличчя над мискою з гарячою водою з сіллю і подихайте близько чверті години.