Administrative Building Bukovina State Medical University
Theoretical building Bukovina State Medical University (Bogomolets, 2), where the University Library and the Department of Bioorganic and Biological Chemistry and Clinical Biochemistry, Medical and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Microbiology and Virology, pathological physiology, pharmacology, pharmacy and Department of Physiology. Ya.D. Kirshenblata.
Palace "Academic" for 700 seats, which created excellent conditions for diverse student concerts, art events, creative meetings, going in circles amateur
Hostel № 1 Bukovinian State Medical University. Philharmonic Square.
Amateur Song and Dance Ensemble "Trembita" pleases us with their talent, their songs, dances and charming Ukrainian melodies. After all, traditions have strong roots then we hope that the present members of the ensemble and its leaders will take care of what has already been done and create something new, unique that maketh glad the Ukrainian soul.

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Дні народження

19  липня
Андрійчук Д.Р.
Васильченко І.А.
Волянюк П.М.
Ісламова І.Р.
Мельничук Л.В.
Мігай М.Г.
Мотрюк Н.Г.
Сокольник С.О.
Усатий В.В.
Чернікова Г.М.
Шандрюк М.І.

20  липня
Бодяка В.Ю.
Гречко С.І.
Ілюк І.І.
Карвацька Н.С.
Піщальник В.А.
Семененко С.Б.
Ступницька Г.Я.

21  липня

Іванова І.І.
Мунтян В.П.
Полякова Т.В.

22  липня

Сенютович Р.В.
Шумко Г.І.

23 липня

Губка І.Г.
Максим’юк В.В.
Мандзюк Т.Б.
Сідоряк О.М.

24  липня

Говорнян С.Л.
Єрошенко Л.І.
Мельник І.В.

25  липня

Дейнека С.Є.
Каспрук Н.М.
Колесник В.В.
Кузнєцова О.В.

26 липня

Гармидер Л.Г.
Підвисоцька Н.І.
Шахова О.О.

28  липня

Васильєва Н.В.
Лукаш І.В.
Навчук Г.В.
Потачевська М.М.

29  липня

Підвербецька А.В.
Брагар В.П.

30  липня

Білокопита Г.М.
Двірничук В.І.
Ішков М.О.
Корольова Л.М.
Маковійчук І.В.
Павел К.І.
Паламар В.Д.

31  липня

Волошин В.Л.
Данелюк І.Д.
Гарасим І.В.
Нагірняк В.М.

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His talent was not forgiven...

Wednesday, 05 March 2014 13:14
During an excursion

PERSONALITY. Nowadays Volodymyr Ivasiuk’s name, as of a great composer, founder of Ukrainian pop music, is known to many people around the globe. But it wasn’t always so easy to express one’s admiration for his bottomless talent, to pay honour to this true titan of Ukrainian music. Only in 1995 with the foundation of Chernivtsi V.Ivasiuk Memorial Museum the comprehensive information about his life and creative work became available to the general public.

BSMU Students Visited Pupils of the Boarding School in Zaluchia-Dolishnie Village

CHARITY EVENT.Traditionally, on the occasion of St. Nicholas Day, students of Bukovinian State Medical University hold numerous charity events in order to give joy, warmth and smile to those deprived of it.

This year was not an exception either. On December, 19 the students, led by their teachers Khrystyna Chympoi and Yana Teleki, instructors of Internal Medicine Department with the assistance of the staff of the Department of Internal Medicine visited the orphanage for disabled children in the village Zaluchia-Dolishnie, Sniatyn District, Ivano-Frankivsk Region.