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Sports Club

Sports club of Bukovinian State Medical University carries out training process in 19 University teams in 17 kinds of sports which comprise almost 300 students. 6 sports – health-improving groups for students and 3 groups for employees of the university embracing 122 persons. Teachers of physical training– specialists in corresponding kinds of sports and 11 candidates for sports masters.

University Teams

Kind of sport Number of group Number of students Trainer
1 Basketball (women) 1 17 Saidakov P.V.,

Savtiuk O.V.

2 Basketball (men) 1 18 Saidakov P.V.,

Savtiuk O.V.

3 Judo-Wrestling 1 14 Kurysh Ja.V.
4 Free-style Wrestling 1 16 Vudiernikov Ye.P.
5 Volleyball (women) 1 20 Khavruniak I.V.
6 Volleyball(men) 1 18 Khavruniak I.V.
7 Track and field athletics 3 52 YorodynskyS.Y.,
Ibragimova S.Ju.
8 Football (women) 1 14 Pasko T.V
9 Football(men) 1 30 Andiyets M.M.,

Moisiuk V.D.

10 Chess 1 16 Ibragimova L.S.
11 Sports orienting 1 10 Ibragimova C.Yu
12 Table tennis 1 18 Kulish N.M.
13 Oriental dances 1 12 Demchuchena Y.V.
14 Cherliding 1 12 Serednytska N.V.
15 Karate 1 7 Skoropadsky V.V.
16 Powerlifting 1 10 Semenov P.V.
17 Dumb-bell sports 1 8 Semenov P.V.

Training of University teams and health-improving groups in conducted twice in the evening, and in separate kinds of sports – twice a week. Traditionally popular among students are University team in playing kinds of sports. Football combined team has been already taking part in the club championship of the city for 4 years. This year our sportsmen has got to the final tournament of these events. Basketball and volleyball-players also participate constantly in various contests of the city and region too. The highest and first league players participate in these teams. Our combined teams in free-style and judo wrestling, table-tennis, chess, track and field athletics play successfully. Comparatively new University teams in powerlifting, karate, dumb-bell sports develop very quickly. In karate University team there are title-holders of Ukraine and acting world title-holder Melnychuk Anastasiya.


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