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Photography Contest 2020. Test Your ideas in the real world!
Photography Contest 2020. Test Your ideas in the real world!

Photography Contest 2020. Test Your ideas in the real world!

Discover your Talent.

A great shot that has a clear message. We would like to see your photos on the following topics: «The Beauty of Being a Doctor» and «My Сountry – My Pride»

What kinds of people, places, procedures, and emotions have You captured?

Enter for a chance to win prizes from BSMU!

Easy to apply

You may not necessarily be a photographer to take part in contest. You should only think up an original idea.

Just allow your creativity to shine.

Join Your contest today and experience the joys of competing.

Prove that You are still competitive by participating in – and winning competitions!

Challenge Yourself – Challenge the BSMU!



How do I enter a contest?

To enter a contest upload your photo via email to events.bsmu@gmail.com

Name all images as to what they are (i.e., Topic 1, Topic 2, etc.)

We prefer receiving images in a JPEG format.

Please, send files to the following address by 31 July

By the way, Do not forget to attach Personal data:

– Name, Surname

– Specialty, Group, the course of Studying;

– Contact email.


What is the maximum number of entries I can submit?

You are allowed to send 2 photos on 2 topics. The maximum number images You can take on the chosen topic is 1.


Do I retain copyright in my images?

Absolutely! Copyright in your images always remains with you.


How will I get results?

Contest has the Expert Judges. Once the submissions period has closed, judges start to choose the winners. The winners will be announced on official website.


What You are NOT allowed to do

You may not use the photos to upload, transmit or share any Content which:

– unlawfully infringes the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties;

– includes sexually explicit images or other Content which is offensive or harmful.

Положення про фотоконкурс



Отримувач платежу
Мельничук Олександр Миколайович
4731 1856 3202 3484
Рахунок отримувача:
Приват24 – https://www.privat24.ua/send/a1v11


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