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Notice for international students and applicants regarding online education


Bukovinian State Medical University

Bukovinian State Medical University (BSMU) is one of the largest higher educational establishments in Chernivtsi. It is a fully governmental multistructural educational institution of the highest level of accreditation providing educational programmes of different levels. BSMU included into the general register of the WHO, Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy), European University Association (EUA), Association of the Carpathian Region Universities.

Over the years of its existence (1944-2021) the University has trained more than 30 000 specialists including the following specialties: General Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Pediatrics, Medical Psychology, Clinical Pharmacy.

BSMU includes:

  • 6 faculties (four medical, stomatological, pharmacological);
  • educational-scientific institute of post-graduate education;
  • 49 departments;
  • center of simulation medicine and innovation technologies;
  • educational-producing chemist;
  • college

Directions of training and specialties

The University provides a continuity of higher medical education:

Junior Bachelor → Bachelor → Master → Post Graduate Education → Doctor (PhD).

The University trains applicants for higher education on the following specialties:

  • Medicine (Doctor of Philosophy, Master);
  • General Medicine (Specialist);
  • Pediatrics (Doctor of Philosophy, Specialist)
  • Stomatology (Doctor of Philosophy, Master, Specialist, Junior Bachelor);
  • Medical Psychology (Master);
  • Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation (Master);
  • Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy (Master, Specialist, Junior specialist);
  • Nursing (Doctor of Philosophy, Master, Bachelor, Junior Specialist);
  • Technology of Medical Diagnostics and Treatment (Bachelor);
  • Biology (doctor of philosophy).

Forms of education: day-time and correspondence (specialty “Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy”).
Number of students: 5800 including 1800 foreign citizens.
Teaching is provided by the Ukrainian and English languages (for foreigners).

Material-technical base. The material-technical base of the University is located in 15 buildings, and 33 municipal and regional medical establishments are used for Clinical Departments.
Lecture halls, classrooms, educational-practical pharmacy and laboratories are equipped with modern technical aids to ensure educational process and scientific work, and linked up with Internet.

Innovation pedagogical technologies are successfully applied in educational process:

– Distance learning environment  (moodle.bsmu.edu.ua) containing electronic educational-methodical materials in all the subjects taught at the University including English version as well;
– “Center of BSMU applicant training”  (zno.bsmu.edu.ua) enabling school leavers to prepare for distance external independent testing on the profile subjects free of charge;
– “Electronic register of studies”  (ez.bsmu.edu.ua) introduced by BSMU first among other medical universities of Ukraine.

The University organizes on-line lectures by the leading scientists both from Ukraine and abroad. There are 17 computer classes for self-education and testing students’ knowledge.

The University owns 8 hostels where all the conditions for living and learning of the students are created, as well as 2 cafes and 6 snack bars. The University Library funds number about a million of volumes of educational, scientific, medical literature and fiction.

University teaching staff. The University teaching staff is unique, as real professionals work and are proficient in pedagogical skills:

103 Doctors of Science,
422 Candidates of Science,
80 – Professors,
245 – Associate Professors,
1 – Senior Scientifiс Research Assistant.

The University staff includes 16 Honoured Doctors of Ukraine; Honoured Science Worker; Honoured Educationalist; 2 Laureates of the State Prize in the field of science and technology.

Practical training.
 The University students go through their practical training at medical-preventive establishments and pharmacies (practical bases) in Chernivtsi, Khmelnitsky regions, or at their places of residence.

In 2019 the Center of Simulation Medicine and Innovation Technologies was founded at the University, which provides learning and mastering practical skills of students, interns and medical practitioners. The Center is equipped with up-to-date simulation devices: robots-simulators of adults and newborns, obstetrical and gynecological simulators, training devices for mastering skills of auscultation, cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, giving injections, mannequins for taking care of a newborn, etc. Robots-simulators enable to reconstruct maximum real different clinical situations and train doctor’s tactics, consistency of his actions, ensure mastering skills of leadership and team work. Simulation trainings are organized on the basis of the Center for future doctors involving standard patients and actors in order to simulate real situations and creation of a direct contact and communication with “real patients”.

Educational-producing chemist is established for the students of pharmaceutical faculty, where students get the opportunity to acquire knowledge and abilities, train practical skills directly at a working place under conditions close to the real ones.

Post-graduate education is implemented on 26 Departments of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Stomatological Faculties. 40 basic therapeutic and 14 pharmaceutical institutions are used for distance learning in Internship.

Every year primary specialization in Internship is implemented on 23 basic specialties in the field of “Medicine” and 1 basic specialty in the area of “Pharmacy”. Usually more than  700 interns study at the University.

Physicians and pharmacists are trained at advanced courses at BSMU on 30 specialties.

Students’ self-government
. The organs of the students’ self-government include the students’ bureau of the course, students’ dean’s offices of every faculty, students’ councils of the hostels, and the University Students’ Council. The decisions of the University Students’ Council are of a consultative character.

The highest body of the Students’ Council at BSMU is the Students’ Conference of the University. 1 delegate out of 12 students is elected to take part at the Conference. The Students’ Conference approves the Status of the students’ self-government; elects the executive body – the Students’ University Council and considers the account on its activities; defines the structure, the powers and procedure for electing Students’ Council of the University, the term of its activity.

Fundamental and clinical scientific studies are conducted at the University, educational and informational technologies are introduced. The Young Scientists’ Council and Students’ Scientific Society play an important role in the organization of scientific work.

Students’ leisure time.
 The students’ campus consists of 8 comfortable hostels connected to Internet with high conditions of life with reading rooms and sports gymnasia – everything necessary for studying and rest. For the development of creative abilities and rest of the students the Palace “Academichny” is functioning actively. On its basis various clubs and studios are organized: in particular, an art studio, decorative and applied arts and photo studios, the amateur ensemble of folk dance and song “Trembita”, drama and choreographic studios, etc.

Sports clubs in volleyball, basketball, wrestling, table tennis, chess, athletics, mini-football are available for the students. Students get a real pleasure at the University summer sports and fitness camp “Health” located on the bank of the Dniester River.

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