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Firm «The MD House»

Director – Sunil Sharma

Countries: South-East Asian countries

Address: 1st Floor, SCO–76, Sector–20 C, Tribune Road,

Chandigarh (U.T.) -160020, Republic of India

Phone: +919216323222, +911725201122

E–mail: info@themdhouse.com


Firm «Ernest and Co Company Limited»

Director – Nartey Ernest Kwame

Countries: Ghana and the countries of West Africa

Address: P.O. Box DC 859, Dansoman, Accra, Ghana

Phone : +233247116502 (Ghana)

+380935771187 (Ukraine)

E-mail: ernestnartey2@yahoo.com


ST Shour Yusif Kamal

Director – Shour Yusif Kamal

Countries: Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Camerron, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Algeria

Phone: +380931607625 (Ukraine)

E-mail: studyaboad1@gmail.com


ТОВ «Европіан Консалтінг Компані МарВелл»

Countries: Ghana,  Nigeria, Camerron, Kenia, Hambia, South Africa

Phone: +380956454594 (Ukraine), +380731130707

E-mail: marwell.company77@gmail.com


ФОП Ель Абід Юнесс

Countries: Algeria, Morocco, Tunis

Phone: +380631341521 (Ukraine)

E-mail: Youness_igic1@live.fr

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