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Young Scientists Council

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Young Scientists’ Council

The Young Scientists’ Council of Bukovinian State Medical University is an association of the young scientists who are staff members of the University founded for the purpose of a comprehensive promotion of research work, inventive and creative activities of young scientists, the provision of a systemic approach to training an educational and scientific personnel of a high qualification level, the preservation and development of  the intellectual potential of BSMU.

The Council is a consultative organ of the University which realizes its activities according to an approved annual schedule.

The Young Scientists’ Council is functioning jointly with the Students’ Scientific Society, in close cooperation with the University Administration and all its subdivisions.

The purpose of the Young Scientists’ Council is a consolidation and a comprehensive promotion of scientific inventive and other creative activities of students, holders of a master’s degree, post-graduates, young scientist of the University at the of  age under 35.

The Tasks of the Young Scientists’ Council are:

  • promotion of creating conditions for the purpose of disclosing  a creative potential of students, holders of a master’s degree, post-graduates, young scientists;
  • organization and development of inter-institutional  and international  cooperation of  young researchers;
  • organization of drawing young scientist into research projects, scientific grants, schools, contests, seminars, programmes, probation periods.

Lines of Activities of the Young Scientists’ Council:

  • organization of the work of  students, post-graduates, young scientist in the scientific societies of the University.
  • informing about scientific programmes, funds, projects, conferences, seminars and other arrangements carried out by scientific institutions in Ukraine and abroad and supporting the participation in them of the young scientists of the University.
  • organization of young scientists’ participation in competitions for winning state prizes, scholarships, grants, exhibitions of scientific researches and other encouraging measures to stimulate the scientific inquiries of post-graduates and young scientists;
  • organization and holding the annual International medical-pharmaceutical conference of students and young scientists of BSMU.
  • participation in organizing and holding scientific forums and congresses, scientific and practical conferences and symposia, seminars and exhibitions.
  • publication of collections of scientific papers of students and young  scientists, theses and other scientific-informational materials, the University’s own informational publications;
  • organization of lectures and scientific readings in urgent  problems of medicine and pharmacy by well-known scientists;

establishing international ties, developing cooperation with educational and scientific-research institutions, public and state organizations of Ukraine and other countries with purpose of fulfilling the set tasks;

suggesting proposals as to the development and improvement of scientific and creative activities of young scientists to the Academic Council, University Administration and structural subdivisions of the University.

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