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Дні народження

25 квітня
Джуряк В.С.
Ковтун А.І.
Сикирицька Т.Б.

26 квітня
Максимюк М.В.
Малкова І.М.
Ходоровський В.М.

27 квітня
Абрамова Н.О.
Вівсяник В.В.
Комариця І.І.
Коцаба О.М.
Мацей Т.Ю.
Маюк О.В.
Новаковська О.Ю.
Семеняк А.В.

28 квітня
Петровська Т.М.
Шилов О.П.

29 квітня
Карлійчук Є.С.
Мага Г.М.
Флюндра Д.Н.
Юрценюк О.С.

30 квітня
Іванчук М.А.
Робуляк О.В.
Чокалеу В.М.

1 травня
Іфтода О.М.
Карлійчук Г.І.
Кацел С.І.

2 травня
Батіг В.М.
Карча Д.Г.
Костенюк В.І.
Пахолка М.І.
Пенішкевич Я.І.

3 травня
Волошина Л.О.
Жихулка Л.М.

4 травня
Вацик М.М.
Запаранюк О.А.
Оленович Л.В.

5 травня
Бевзо В.В.
Малик Ю.Ю.

Share the Warmth of Your Hearts

Thursday, 26 December 2013 11:55
charity events

CHARITY EVENTS. The tradition of receiving gifts from St. Nicholas originated from Medieval Germany, where on the eve of the holiday parents gave the children new winter clothes. Eventually they started to do this secretly at night, so the children could believe in the miracles. Sweets, nuts, toys were also presented later. They were usually hidden in new or polished and repaired old shoes, placed near fireplaces, or in the stockings hung on the fireplace. Children believe that St. Nicholas throws the gifts into the houses through the chimneys.

BSMU Participation in the Erasmus Mundus Program

Thursday, 12 December 2013 15:21
BSMU Participation in the Erasmus Mundus Program

ACADEMIC MOBILITY. On November 27-30, 2013 Vice-Rector for Research and International Relations, Professor Oleksandr Ivashchuk made an official visit to the city of Riga (Latvia) in the framework of Bukovinian State Medical University participation in the Erasmus Mundus grant program.

During the working meeting, which was attended by the representatives of all the consortium “MEDEA” partner universities, a formal agreement on cooperation in the framework of Erasmus Mundus (Action 2) was signed and the issues of academic mobility of students and young scientists between partner universities were fixed up.