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Дні народження

14 листопада
Беженар М.М.
Гнатюк М.Г.
Гринько Н.В.
Леонтій Т.О.
Мінтенко Г.А.
Павлуник І.І.
Ференчук Є.О.

15 листопада

Балан Р.І.
Гаєвська М.Ю.
Маринчина І.М.
Ткачук У.В.

16 листопада
Антофійчук М.П.
Бєлов М.О.
Николаєсі В.І.
Хухліна О.С.
Чапара М.І.

17 листопада
Лаврова О.М.
Сидорчук Р.І.

18 листопада
Васюк В.Л.
Жуковська А.О.

19 листопада
Ганущак Л.М.
Пашковський В.М.
Плотнікова Т.Я.
Савка С.Д.
Скрипа О.Л.
Чернюх О.Г.

20 листопада
Асютіна В.В.
Білов М.Є.
Багажевська В.О.
Владиченко К.А.
Кондратенко С.І.
Никоряк Т.В.
Панченко Ю.В.

21 листопада
Антофійчук Т.М.
Леонтій В.М.
Швець В.І.
Шинкура В.М.
Яковичук Н.Д.

22 листопада
Гнідан М.С.
Дінова О.П.
Жук О.В.
Міхєєва Т.М.
Пендерецька О.М.
Романов В.М.
Чорний О.В.
Шульгіна В.В.

24 листопада
Андрієць О.А.
Андрущак М.О.
Крічак Т.В.

25 листопада
Бірюк І.Г.
Телекі Я.М.
Филипчук О.Д.
Чаплінська І.М.

26 листопада
Волощук Л.Г.
Кушнір О.В.
Мак Г.В.
Осипенко В.А.
Соломатіна Н.І.
Тураш М.М.

27 листопада
Караван Я.Р.
Карпюк Л.В.
Крокош Є.М.
Пенюк Л.М.
Флорескул Д.М.
Юрків О.І.

28 листопада
Александрюк В.М.

29 листопада
Кожокару В.І.
Кушнірик О.В.
Ніка О.М.
Ядченко А.Ф.

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    University is not liable for the information provided on behalf of BSMU on any other Web sites.

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Date of foundation: 1944 
Accreditation level: IV 
Licence: series АД № 041096 dated 13.07.2013Bukovinian State Medical University. BSMU

Bukovinian State Medical University (BSMU) is one of the largest higher educational establishments of Chernivtsi. It has recently celebrated the 65th anniversary of its foundation. It is a modern multisectoral educational institution of the IV accreditation level, included into the general register of the WHO, Magna Charta Universitatum (Bologna, Italy), the Association of the Carpathian Region Universities that provides qualified training according to the grade system of education.

The University consists of 47 Departments within 7 faculties: four medical faculties, stomatological, pharmaceutical, and the faculty of post-graduate training. The University includes medical educational establishments of the I-II accreditation level: Chernivtsi, Vashkivtsi, Novoselytsia medical colleges. The educational-scientific-practical complex with Kovel medical college is created.

Over the years of its existence(1944-2012) the University has trained about 25 000 specialists including the following specialties: “General Medicine” – 19141, “Pediatrics” – 469, “Medical Psychology” – 202, “Stomatology” – 200, “Clinical Pharmacy” – 392, “Pharmacy” – 41, as well as about 900 Bachelors.

The foundation and development of BSMU are connected with the names of well-known scientists and organizers. The University graduates fulfill themselves in the medical, pharmaceutical, economical, educational, scientific, social and cultural spheres. BSMU is proud of its graduates who have achieved in professional and public life. There are many famous artists, state and public figures among the University graduates: the Deputy Minister of Public Health of Ukraine V.G.Bidny; the Director of L.I.Medvid Ukrainian Institute of Ecology and Hygiene, a Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Medical Science M.G.Prodanchuk; the Director of the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Academy of Medical Science, a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine G.V.Gayko; the Director of O.S.Kolomiychenko Institute of Otorhinolaryngology, Academician of the National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine D.I.Zabolotny; Academicians of the National Academy of Medical Science D.D.Zerbino and Yu.P.Spizhenko. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine in India (1992-1999), Professor G.I.Khodorovsky was elected a deputy to the Verkhovna Rada (Supreme Council) of Ukraine. Two University graduates became T.G.Shevchenko State Prize-Winners: the prominent Ukrainian poet, People’s Artist of Ukraine Mykhaylo Tkach, and the famous composer, the Hero of Ukraine, Volodymyr Ivasiuk.

Directions of training and specialties

The University provides a continuity of higher medical education: Junior Specialist – Bachelor – Medical Specialist – Master – Post graduate – Doctor (PhD).

Directions of training and specialties

The branch of knowledge 1201 “Medicine”:

  1. General Medicine (Master, specialist)
  2. Pediatrics (Master, specialist)
  3. Stomatology (Master, specialist)
  4. Medical Psychology (specialist)
  5. Nursing (Master, Bachelor, junior specialist)
  6. Laboratory Diagnostics (Bachelor)

The branch of knowledge 1202 “Pharmacy”:

  1. Pharmacy (specialist, Bachelor, junior specialist)
  2. Clinical pharmacy (Master, specialist)

Forms of education: day-time and correspondence (specialty “Pharmacy”).

Number of students: 4413 including 722 foreign citizens.

Material-technical base. The material-technical base of the University is located in 22 buildings, and municipal and regional medical establishments are used for Clinical Departments.


 BSMU. Material-technical base.

Lecture halls, classrooms, educational-practical pharmacy and laboratories are equipped with modern technical aids to ensure educational process and scientific work, and linked up with Internet.

BSMU. Material-technical base.

The educational process is assured by modern informational-communicative Internet technologies through the Distant Learning Server ( containing an electron version of the educational-methodical materials on all the subjects taught at the University including English medium. The University organizes on-line lectures by the leading scientists both from Ukraine and abroad. There are 16 computer classes for self-education and testing students’ knowledge. 

BSMU. Material-technical base.

The University owns 5 hostels where all the conditions for living and learning of the students are created, as well as 2 cafes and 6 snack bars. The University Library funds number about a million of volumes of educational, scientific, medical literature and fiction.

BSMU. Material-technical base.BSMU. Material-technical base.

University teaching staff. The University teaching staff is unique, as real professionals work and are proficient in pedagogical skills: 78 Doctors of Science, 324 Candidates of Science, including 1 corresponding member of the Academy of Pedagogical Science of Ukraine, 2 Honoured Workers of Science and Technique of Ukraine, 2 Honoured Workers of Education and Higher School of Ukraine, 13 Honoured Physicians of Ukraine, 66 Professors, 193 Associate Professors. 166 employees have higher attestation medical category, 56 – the first one, 42 – the second one. 32 staff workers of Clinical Departments are regional out-of-staff members and consultants of the Main Public Health Board in the Chernivtsi Regional State Administration.  

Students' self-government. The organs of the students' self-government include the students’ bureau of the course, students' dean's offices of every faculty, students' councils of the hostels, and the University Students’ Council. The decisions of the University Students' Council are of a consultative character.

The highest body of the Students’ Council at BSMU is the Students' Conference of the University. 1 delegate out of 12 students is elected to take part at the Conference. The Students' Conference approves the Status of the students' self-government; elects the executive body - the Students' University Council and considers the account on its activities; defines the structure, the powers and procedure for electing Students' Council of the University, the term of its activity.

Fundamental and clinical scientific studies are conducted at the University, educational and informational technologies are introduced. The Young Scientists’ Council and Students’ Scientific Society play an important role in the organization of scientific work.


Students’ leisure time. The students’ campus consists of 5 comfortable hostels connected to Internet with high conditions of life with reading rooms and sports gymnasia – everything necessary for studying and rest. For the development of creative abilities and rest of the students the Palace “Academichny” is functioning actively. On its basis various clubs and studios are organized: in particular, an art studio, decorative and applied arts and photo studios, the amateur ensemble of folk dance and song “Trembita”, drama and choreographic studios, etc.

Sports clubs in volleyball, basketball, wrestling, table tennis, chess, athletics, mini-football are available for the students. Students get a real pleasure at the University summer sports and fitness camp “Health” located on the bank of the Dniester River.

BSMU. Palace “Academichny”

Practical training. The University students go through their practical training at medical-preventive establishments and pharmacies (practical bases) in Chernivtsi, Khmelnitsky regions, or at their places of residence.

Job Placement. The Employment Assistance Sector for graduates work at the University. The graduates whose education was financed from the State Budget become employed by the state placement. The graduates who studied at the expense of physical or legal persons find the job themselves.

Medical work. Clinical Departments of BSMU are located in 27 clinical centers: 17 therapeutic establishments of a regional subordination and 10 – of a municipal one. According to their schedules, Professors and Associate Professors make clinical ward rounds, consulting visits at polyclinics, examinations of patients at the inpatient departments of therapeutic-prophylactic establishments. A great deal of methodological organizing work is carried out: a visit of district therapeutic-prophylactic establishments, a review of the patients’ histories, participation in the boards of experts and qualifying committee, holding conferences etc. Considerable therapeutic-prophylactic work is carried out by the staff members of the Clinical Departments during summer practice. Various and manifold therapeutic consulting activity in the system of Bukovyna practical health service is carried out by the assistants of clinical departments. Except consultations this activity includes the arrangement of all qualifying means for physicians of practical health service in the following spheres – subject mastering, reevaluating courses, lectures on urgent topics, arrangement and holding of scientific-practical conferences, working out  methodological recommendations, and expert evaluation of patients’ management. The important part in cooperation of the University clinical workers and physicians of practical health service is devoted to consulting and scientific-methodological work at therapeutic-prophylactic establishments of health service. This cooperation is carried out on a regular basis at all the basic and out-patient establishments, at the polyclinics of the town and region. Recently 173006 consultations have been held by the staff of the University Departments including 119716 consultations – at basic establishments, 18611consultations – at polyclinics, 25668 consultations– at out-basic establishments, 9011consultations – in the district areas. 9869 patients were treated, 11627 diagnostic examinations were conducted (invasive manipulations), 7363 surgeries including 5102 of them performed by surgeons and 2261 – by assistants. Clinical Department staff workers collaborate with medical societies (associations) on the questions of holding congresses and conferences, educational and scientific seminars, workshops etc. The University together with associations and societies elaborates and improves the existing standards of diagnostics and treatment, protocols of giving medical aid.

International activity. The University ranks high on the European scene as a recognized member of the International University Association, the World Health Organization, the University Association of the Carpathian Region and the European University Association “The Magna Charta”. Bukovinian State Medical University collaborates with: USA Utah Valley State University, the University of Lubeck (Germany), Gelderzee - Vallei Clinic (the Netherlands), the Association “Druzi” (France), International Fund “Concern for People” (Great Britain) etc.

Post-graduate education – the University performs primary post-graduate specialization of graduates (Internship) and advanced training, specialization and requalification of physicians including foreign citizens in Residency in the specialties of medical and pediatric profile, Pharmacy and Medical Psychology. Every year about 900 interns and 2200 physicians-learners study at the University.


Awards and merits of the University

BSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the UniversityBSMU. Awards and merits of the University

Rating of Bukovinian State Medical University.
Based on the rating “TOP – 200 Ukraine” (UNESKO) in 2012 BSMU occupied the 64th position among higher educational establishments of Ukraine.

Based on the rating of Internet-productivity (Webometrics Ranking of World's Universities) in January 2011 BSMU held the 12th  position among all the higher educational establishments of Ukraine.
According to the applications submitted to higher medical institutions of Ukraine in 2012 on the specialty “General Medicine” BSMU took the lead of all the other medical educational establishments.

By the data of the scientific-metric base “SCOPUS” BSMU occupies the 37th position among higher educational establishments of Ukraine and the 7th one – among medical educational establishments of Ukraine. Based on the results of the world rating institutional repository«Ranking Web of World Repositories» in July 2012 BSMU Repository held the 1st position among higher medical and pharmaceutical establishments of Ukraine.