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Declaration of Egyptian Independence
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Declaration of Egyptian Independence

Declaration of Egyptian Independence

February 28, 1922 is the day when the Declaration of Egyptian Independence was issued. It was the beginning of a long and difficult way when Egypt got full independence on July 23, 1952 after the Egyptian Revolution which led to the declaration of the modern Republic of Egypt.

Dear students, representatives of the BSMU Egyptian community!

On behalf of the University Authority, Dean, Stomatological Faculty, all the University teaching and student staff let us congratulate you on this remarkable Day! Egypt is a miraculous country. During centuries it has accumulated and preserved rich culture and values of people living on its fertile lands, increasing their customs and traditions.

From the bottom of our hearts we wish health, success in life, unforgettable positive impressions of education and staying in Ukraine, inspiration on the way to master the secrets of medical profession, further prosperity, progress, peace and harmony for the Arab Republic of Egypt!

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